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What is black start generator ?

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What is black start generator ?

To provide a black start, some power stations have small diesel generators, normally called the black start diesel generator(BSDG), which can be used to start larger generators (of several megawatts capacity), which in turn can be used to start the main power station generators. Generating plants using steam turbines require station service power of up to 10% of their capacity for boiler feedwater pumps, boiler forced-draft combustion air blowers, and for fuel preparation. 

A "black start" diesel generator is not connected to any grid or synchronized with other power generating units when it's started or running because it's supplying electrical power under emergency conditions to a load (building or site) that has been isolated/disconnected from a larger grid or other source of AC power.

And, because it's not connected to any grid and it is a "black start" generator, the governor of the prime mover (the diesel in your case) is usually configured to operate in Isochronous speed control mode in order to provide a constant frequency output as long as the load is less than the rated output of the prime mover.

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