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Data Center

Data CenterData centers house the computers, servers, switches, routers, data storage devices and related equipment used to operate the digital economy. They can be relatively small facilities owned by a single company and dedicated to processing its data alone

Computers and other electronic equipment will crash at the slightest disruption or fluctuation in their supply of electricity. The power system was not designed for these sensitive electronic loads and is inherently unable to meet the technical requirements of the information economy. For data centers, which play a central role in the information economy, crashing computers cause potentially catastrophic financial losses. The same voltage sag that causes the lights to dim briefly can cause a data center to go off-line, losing large sums of money, for many hours.

Hiersun power provide of standby power systems, especially data center generator series, which ensure your center's data is safe, whether your mission is global hybrid hosting, colocation, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, managed hosting, or disaster recovery and business continuance services.





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