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TelecomGenset for telecoms designed by Hiersun driven by engines such as Cummins Perkins, CAT and alternator like Leroy Somer and Stamford, to work in continuous duty 24/24 hours/ 7 days.

The genset for off-grid BTS, in a range from 6 kVA up to 30kVA, apply to Telcoms and are used in the 80% of off-grid sites. Specifically designed to have high reliability, long refueling intervals, complete remote monitoring and alarms the BTS solutions guarantee the lowest TCO.

All the telecommunication systems based on GSM or CDMA networks, provide mobile telephone service to the users that expect to receive an efficient service and continuous signal coverage; they are very sensitive and ready to change or disqualify the service operator in case of the service if not within their expectation, for this reason the operator needs professional and reliable equipment.

The Hiersun “Telecom power generation package” has been particularly developed for telecommunication, radars, internet centres, TV broadcasting, etc. In accordance with the experiences shared with telecom operators, We have developed and manufacturer power solutions with the scope to reduce the CAPEX (capitalization expenses) & OPEX (operation expenses) in a win-win basis. The return of the investment for the power supply of the site, is guaranteed within one years operation and we guarantees 24/24 hours run non stop for 30 days without service.




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