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  • What Perkins Model I Have ?


    Perkins Engine IdentificationWhat Perkins model do I have ?Below is the information on how to identify your Perkins Engine to help you use our website. Engine serial numbers are usually found on a metal plate fixed to the engine block. The letters and numbers that make up an engine’s model number Read More

  • Kubota Engine Serial Number Identification


    Kubota Engine Serial Number Identification Read More

  • 4 Sets 2750KVA MTU Diesel Generator for Water Treatment Plant


    4*2750KVA MTU Generator Driven Capacity Calculation Sheet Conclusion: SG max=6074.169KVA=4860KW, that means it requires the generator set capacity reaches or exceeds 4860KW, and so the voltage drop will be 22.68%. So 2*2750KVA/2200KW (4400KW) can’t drive 130MLD pumps.Specification1. Driven: 130MLD Read More

  • Electronic or mechanical engine control – which is right for your machines?


    Electronic or mechanical engine control – which is right for your machines?While all Perkins engines deliver high performance, those with electronic control systems bring improved fuel performance, better machine optimisation and enhanced power delivery, compared to their mechanically controlled cou Read More

  • All About (ATEX) Directive 201434 EU Explosion-proof equipment


    All About (ATEX) Directive 2014/34 / EU Explosion-proof equipmentATEX is the collective name of a number of European Union directives derived from the abbreviation French – Atmosphères Explosibles – “explosive atmospheres”. Explosive atmospheres include mixtures of gases, vapors, fog or dust with at Read More



    HIERSUN POWER GENSET LOAD TEST PROCEDURES GENSET A common base frame skid mounted genset comes with radiator cooled diesel engine coupled to industrial brushless alternator. 1. OBJETIVES 1.1. To ensure that the diesel engine is operating satisfactorily without undue vibration and overheating. Read More

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