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Weichai Marine Diesel Engine 8M26C750-18 For Propulsion

Weichai M series diesel engine is based on the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology,accoding to the relevant national standards and ship rules, through the combustion of the diesel engine system, the exhaust system, cooling system, power output system, diesel engine monitoring system As well as the use of marine diesel engine features modified diesel engine.
  • 8M26C750-18

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Weichai Marine Diesel Engine 8M26C750-18 For Propulsion

Weichai diesel marine engine package 8M26C750-18

Weichai M26 series diesel engine from the century-old French company Boudouain (BAUDOUIN), has been the French military diesel engine, the main supplier of units, is currently a wholly owned subsidiary of Weichai.

Weichai M33 series marine diesel engine is based on the M26 series diesel engine to increase travel to increase the development made. Inherited M26 series diesel engine torque reserve, low fuel consumption, good emissions, high reliability, excellent features. It is an ideal driving force for ships such as inland navigation, fishing, engineering and public service boats.

Weichai diesel marine engine package 8M26C750-18

Application:The high speed engines, like WP4, WP6, WD10, WD12, WP12 and M26 are mainly applied on the high speed boats and yachts, passenger ships, fishing boats and official boats as main engine or auxiliary engine in offshore market. The middle speed engines, 160 and 170 are mainly applied on carriers, engineering vessels, passenger ships as main engine or auxiliary engine. The middle speed engines, CW200 and 250 are mainly applied on engineering vessels, passenger ships, fishing boats and bulk carriers as main engine or auxiliary engine. MAN engines, L16/24,L21/31,L27/38,L32/40and V32/40 are mainly applied on the bulk carriers, engineering vessels and multipurpose vessels and marine traffic control ships as main engine, electric propulsion engine or auxiliary engine.


Weichai diesel marine engine package 8M26C750-18 (photo for reference only)

 Weichai diesel marine engine 8M26C750-18551KW


 Weichai diesel marine engine package for other power output

 Weichai diesel marine engine 8M26C750-18551KW

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