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Weichai Diesel Generator

Here you can find an overview of all standard models of the power generators that Weichai manufactures. If you need more detailed information such as photos or technical specifications of each product please contact us.
  • WPG13.5-3300BM

  • WeiChai

  • 50HZ 60HZ

  • 230V 400V

Weichai Diesel Generator

Weichai Diesel Generator introduction

Weichai diesel generator is powered by Weichai which has has four business platforms covering vehicle, powertrain, luxury yacht and auto parts. Its subsidiaries are spread across Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and other regions. 

Global R&D and Operation Centers are established in Chicago, Marseilles, Forli, Frankfurt and Singapore. At present, Weichai has offices in more than 30 countries and over 400 authorized service stations. Weichai products are sold in 100 countries and regions around the world. The inventory of overseas engines reaches 250,000 and that of heavy-duty trucks exceeds 100,000.

Weichai is committed to extending its industry supply chain and improving its competitiveness through strategic investments. Weichai acquired French Baudouin in 2009, further expanding engine business. In 2012, Weichai Group acquired 75 percent of Italy's Ferretti, the world's largest luxury yacht manufacturing enterprise. Later in 2012, Weichai Group’s subsidiary, Weichai Power, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with KION Group, one of the world's top industrial forklift truck manufacturers and global leader of the hydraulic technology. Weichai aims to provide maximum satisfaction through its full range of engine and power offerings. Hiersun Group as a reliable OEM and supplier of Weichai diesel generator for20 years and we have built strong relationship with Weichai Group.

Weichai Diesel Generator product list

Model Prime kVA/kW Standby kVA/kW
WPG13.5 12.5/10 13.5/11
WPG16.5 15/12 16.5/13.2
WPG22 20/16 22/17.6
WPG27.5-1 25/20 27.5/22
WPG27.5-9 25/20 27.5/22
WPG33-1 30/24 33/26.4
WPG33-9 30/24 33/26.4
WPG41-1 37.5/30 41/33
WPG41-9 37.5/30 41/33
WPG55-1 50/40 55/44
WPG55-9 50/40 55/44
WPG68.5-1 62.5/50 68.5/55
WPG68.5-9 62.5/50 68.5/55
WPG88 80/64 88/70.4
WPG110 100/80 110/88
WPG123.5 112.5/90 123.5/99
WPG137.5 125/100 137.5/110
WPG165 150/120 165/132
WPG206 187.5/150 206/165
WPG247.5 225/180 247.5/198
WPG275 250/200 275/220
WPG344 312.5/250 344/275
WPG412.5 375/300 412.5/330
WPG412.5-WP12 375/300 412.5/330
WPG495 450/360 495/396
WPG550 500/400 550/440
WPG632.5 575/460 632.5/506
WPG687.5 625/500 687.5/550
WPG825 750/600 825/660
WPG880 800/640 880/704
WPG990 900/720 990/792
WPG1100 1000/800 1100/880
WPG1237.5 1125/900 1237.5/990
WPG1375 1250/1000 1375/1100
WPG1375BM 1250/1000 1375/1100
WPG1705BM 1550/1240 1705/1364
WPG1815BM 1650/1320 1815/1452
WPG2007BM 1825/1460 2007/1606
WPG2268BM 2062/1650 2268/1815
WPG2475BM 2250/1800 2475/1980
WPG2750BM 2500/2000 2750/2200
WPG3025BM 2750/2200 3025/2420
WPG3300BM 3000/2400 3300/2640


After optimization on the structure and sealing, the newly designed air filter has higher filtering efficiency, cleaner intake, more compact structure, and easier replacement of filter element; The optimization on intake and exhaust system, fuel system and turbocharger makes more fluent intake and complete combustion with a lower fuel consumption and using cost; Optimization of cooling piping. Suspension bracket can play the role of both vibration reduction and transport bracket which is convenient for installation; The newly designed oil pan is of boat shape structure, which can increase the oil heat radiation area and play the role of vibration reduction.

weichai diesel generator

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