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Sound-attenuated And Weather protective Enclosures Supplier

Sound-attenuated And Weather protective Enclosures Supplier

Sound-attenuated & Weather Protective Enclosures Supplier

Hiersun Power Generation diesel and spark-ignited generator sets are available with sound-attenuated and weather-protective enclosures. Pre-assembled, pre-integrated and delivered as part of the entire power system, these enclosures are designed to speed installation time and reduce costs. Choose from three levels of sound-attenuation, depending on model size, to comply with even the strictest noise requirements. Enclosures are constructed of steel or aluminum, which is preferred in coastal regions or other environments where corrosion is a concern.



 Three levels of sound attenuation:

 Level I: 70 to 89 d(B)A* 

Level II: 63 to 78 d(B)A* 

Level III: 68 to 70 d(B)A* 

  •  Compact footprint, low profile design 

  •  Easy access to all major generator and engine control components for servicing 

  • Fully-house, enclosed exhaust silencer ensures safety and protects against rust

  • Enclosure, generator set, exhaust system and tank are pre-assembled, pre-integrated and shipped as one package, saving time and labor costs 

  •  All-steel construction with stainless steel hardware offers durability

  •  Upgrade kits 

  • Enclosures mounted directly to a sub-base fuel tank or lifting base 

  •  Customer options available to meet your application needs Enclosure options 

  •  Aluminum enclosure is wind-rated to 150 mph (per ASCE 7-05 exposure D, category 1 importance factor) 

  •  Kits available to up-fit existing generator sets or to upgrade existing enclosures with additional sound attenuation 

  •  Exterior oil and coolant drains with interior valves for ease of service 

  •  Overhead 2-point lifting brackets (some models)

1000KVA sound attenuated enclosure

 1000KVA sound attenuation enclosure




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