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Silent Generator 13KVA 12KW 50HZ 60HZ

We are offering a wide range of Silent Diesel Generator. Depending on size, these silent diesel generators can be used for small loads, such as electric tools, and for large loads like factories, commercial buildings, and hospitals. We are renowned silent diesel generator suppliers and manufacturers providing diesel generation sets and silent diesel generators to our client.
  • HC12

  • Hiersun

  • 13KVA 12KW

  • 50HZ/60HZ

  • 400V/480V

The necessity of AC Single/three phases silent generator 13KVA 10KW

Many industries require backup power. These high-tech industries are often located in or close to a city or residential area. Both countries, states and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sound guidelines must be followed when selecting a generator set. Sound is generally measured at the property line of the facility. The maximum permitted overall noise levels range from 60 to 78 dB(A). Each area has specific requirements that must be met.


Sound levels from 80 to 100 dB(A) are considered to be very loud, 100 to 125 dB(A) uncomfortable, and 140 dB(A) reaching the threshold of pain. The open diesel generator sound level is about 100db(A), which is very noisy and people around feel uncomfortable. So a silent generator matters.


How to Reduce Noise of a AC Single/three phases silent generator 13KVA 10KW
There are a few concepts to follow when reducing a generator set noise. We use these concepts when designing sound-attenuating enclosures:
Acoustic Barrier – Enclosures constructed of steel panels. Electrical, fuel pipes and any other auxiliary entries must be sealed.
Acoustic Insulation – Sound absorbing insulation in/on interior panels.
Isolation Mounts – Generator, engine and auxiliary support components are connected using isolation mounts.

Cooling Air Attenuation – Baffles installed into air intake louvers.

Exhaust – Style of muffler installed is significant. Choose muffler that meet state and local requirements.
Enclosure Location – Locate enclosure as far from property line as possible.


AC Single/three phases silent generator 13KVA 10KW

Powered by Perkins/Kutoba/Yanmar coupled with Leroysomer/ Marathon Alternator

Generator model Prime Power/   Standby   power KVA Engine brand Alternator Brand
HC10 13KVA/14KVA  Perkins/Kutoba/Yanmar  Stamford/Marathon/Leroysomer

Hiersun Engineers are trained and certified in the latest Power solution knowledge for each market and are able to assist you with engine integration into your specific application. Our engineers and sales representatives will spend time with you to understand your application and provide you with a custom solution to best fit your requirements. Customers benefit from Hiersun Power extensive experience and product knowledge of a variety of markets and can assist you with new product or repower applications.




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