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Perkins Industrial Engine 400 Series Shipped To Europe Every Week

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We Ship Perkins Engine 400 Series To Europe EveryWeek

We stock huge of Perkins Engines, and 400 series shipping to our European customers everyweek, 

perkins diesel engine 404d22t

The Perkins engine is used in many model types: Skidsteers, Excavators, Pumps and other Industrial applications. Original Equipment Manufacturers include: Caterpillar, Case, ASV, Terex, Princeton and others

Perkins engine 404d22T

Features and benefits

Ultra-compact power

  • Up to 44.7 kW (59.9 bhp) from an engine envelope of 0.56 m3 (19.8 ft3)

  • Easy installation

Clean and quiet

  • Noise levels have been kept to a minimum

  • Subjective harshness has been carefully controlled making the engine sound even quieter

Durable power

  • odPurct design and process improvements enhance both engine reliability and durability

  • A new improved (advanced) governor, valve seat inserts, and new compliance testing deliver reliability of 6,000 hours

  • A standard two-year warranty demonstrates our confidence in durability and reliability of our engines

Application: Small tractors, air compressors, mini excavators, skid-steer loaders, ride-on mowers, and a wide range of other applications in the agricultural, lawn and garden, construction, and materials handling industries.

Perkins engine 404d22T




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