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Marine generator VS residential or industrial generator

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Marine generator VS residential or industrial generator

Marine engine

A marine generator differs from the ordinary residential or industrial generator in that it is designed and constructed to withstand the moisture and corrosion problems associated with the marine environment.

This reflects on the engine critical components with anti-corrosion device and design, better grade components, and wet exhausted manifold. In case any corrosion cause to the engine block, pipeline radiator or heat exchanger or cooler, these surface fitted zinc coated.

 As for alternator, it comes with higher grade insulation system of the marine alternator (H class) against the ordinary one, better water-proof, anti-corrosion and protection system. Stator and Rotor winding device better to guard the alternator from damage.

Therefore, comparing same power diesel generator set, marine generator constructed to be under sea-water condition, and have more durable performance, require technician understanding generator, more investment initial but cost-saving after sales, while the ordinary one will enjoy the features of economic, easy accessible.


Note: Other details between different applications generators will be published in other reports, here will not discuss.




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