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Industrial Engine Selection Advise

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Engine Selection Advise

You must consider the following when selecting an engine:

Application:    e.g. water pump

Hp or kW required    e.g. 20 hp

Speed    e.g. 2500 rpm

Direct coupled or v-belt    e.g. direct coupled by flexible coupling

Ambient conditions    e.g. up to 40c , 30% humidity

Site conditions    e.g. under cover on farm site

Duty – continuous or intermittent    e.g. continuous 2500 hrs per year

Other factors    e.g. Side loads, vibration, electrics, maintenance and service plan, noise levels, shock loads, exhaust emissions etc.

Standard conditions:    20°c ambient temperature, 30% relative humidity at 100 mtrs altitude.

Gross intermittent rating:    1 hr rating based on engine without cooling fan, air cleaner, muffler, but with

alternator idling.

Net intermittent rating:    1 hr rating based on engine with standard cooling fan, air cleaner, muffler and

alternator, fitted to engine

Net continuous rating:    Continuous output based on engine with standard cooling fan, air cleaner,

Muffler and alternator fitted.

De-rating:    Refer to DPS. Allowance for changes to standard conditions being ambient temperature, relative humidity and altitude.

Transmission Factors:    Allowance for power losses in the transmission system e.g. Belt and pulley

losses, flexible coupling losses, gearbox transmission losses etc.

If you require help in selection or want your engine selection checked, please ask.

For information on engine installation, selection and general specifications and dimensions by model, engine performance curves including fuel usage details, engine operating systems, check lists etc, please contact us at hiersun power email:

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