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How to Identify Original Cummins Generator Purchase In China

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How to identify original Cummins generator Purchase in China

When you purchase the genset from China, a quality of the machine comes the first consideration. Have you ever worried about the genset you purchase will not be the

genuine one, for example, if you want to buy a genset powered by Cummins and

Stamford from China, the risk by offered the unknown resource Cummins or Stamford really matters.

Let us talk about the Cummins today.

1. Manufacturer usually keep some engines in stock : Please choose the scale well generator manufacturer of Chinese Cummins generator. A normal and professional manufacturer always keep some Cummins engine for the stock. Because Cummins is very popular option nowadays. In China, if a factory doesn't keep the stock, either it is a very small one, or the engine recourse is unstable.


Cummins engine.png

2.   Cummins has two factories for G-engine in China. One is called Dongfeng Cummins (DCEC), the other one is Chongqing Cummins. please follow our blogs for more detailed about the engine manufacturers. At present, there are lots of fake manufacturer, they use a close name, and even the same logo for the producing the copy one. But please examine the nameplate for comparing the factory name with genuine Cummins.

3. Not only request for the engine serial number but also request for the serial number of turbocharger, fuel injector, fuel pump, we will publish a blog to show you where these exist. Inspect the bottom of the oil pan where also exist the engine serials number to check if  it  is the same as the nameplate After picking up all these SN, you could call to Cummins or send them email to check if your engine is genuine or not. As the unknow source engine always be replaced the nameplate, but sometimes forget the detailed.

fuel pump.png

4. Please check the turbocharger carefully. The trick they play now is most about the turbocharger.


5.  By the way, from June 2013. Dongfeng Cummins has changed their nameplate, the old one was printed in red machine marking, the new one is black and simple printed.

new nameplate.png




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