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Hiersun Power Supply Marine Engine Propulsion System To Shipyard Client

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Hiersun Power Supply Marine Engine Propulsion System To Shipyard Client

Cummins marine engine for ship




Propulsion System Stem Arrangement

For marine propulsion system with engine accessories, control system, steering system, stem arrangement and ventilation blowers

complete for Light Aluminum Craft 2 Sets for each craft and thus 4 Sets are needed for 2 Crafts, The tenderer should consider the following:

1) 2 years warranty While storage.

2) Corrosion inhibition of the engine and propulsion system.  

3) Warranty for one year from the date of commissioning of the vessel.

4) Technical .training of buyer's technicians at manufacturer's factory for major overhauling of the engine and system, The tenderer should supply

(B)  Main Engine: all under mentioned scope of supply in one package, deal. Scope

 of supply is to include all the items even if not mention in the specification so as to tender the whole system complete arid ready for installation.

  1. a)        Indirect cooling system

  2. b)        Heat exchanger and expansion tanks.

  3. c)        Fresh water pump.    

  4. d)       Fresh water pump for emergency cooling.   

  5. e)        Raw water pump.

  6. f)         Raw water pump for emergency cooling.

  7. g)        Flexible hoses with clips, 

  8. h)        Main sea chest .valves and piping system, for simultaneous use of both main engines,

  9. i)          Sea water strainers

  10. j)          Corrosion prevention arrangement.

  11. k)        Lubricating system

  12. l)          Forced feed lubrication of engine and piston cooling by means of engine, driven lubrication oil pump.

  13. m)      Oil pan on engine.

  14. n)        Lub. oil cooler on engine ,

  15. o)        Engine mounted lub. oil duplex filter (change-over type), Pre lub. oil hand pump.

  16. p)        Lub. oil centrifuge in auxiliary circuit.

  17. q)        Necessary filters with spare elements.

  18. r)         Fuel System .

The complete system for safe working of the engines-

(aa) Engine mounted fuelduplex filter, change-over type.

(bb) Piping and valves for Fuel supply lines, Necessary filters with spare elements Speed and load control

 (4) Hydraulic speed governor on engine suitable for variable speed operation

(bb) Fuel rack position device, rack positioning manual shut

down devices

intake Air System

(aa Intake air manifold on engine.

(bb) Charge air cooler on engine


E-xhaust System

E-xhaust gas manifold on engine, uncooled but insulated,.

Exhaust gas turbocharger on engine.

Water cool exhaust with water injection ring and connecting flanges for installation on aluminum hull for side exhaust. Exhaust pipes, pipes joint, sufficient. quantity of insulation material for insulation for the exhaust pipe

(1)non-reversible Marine Engine, 4 stroke, water cooled Turbocharged,

. intercooled, indirect cooling, V configuration diesel engine of continuous output power about 900 RHP MCR at 42 Ambient temperature, 90% humidity and at 25 deg C seawater temperature. The speed of the vessel at standard displacement i.e 45 tons (approx.) shall be not less than 22 knots. If NECESSARY to approve the speed, the supplier shall carry out towing tank test, Required Engine Power estimation can be checked by the supplier on the basis of the proposed hull form and General Arrangement plan. If necessary, alteration of lines might be advised


(2) Starting System

Electric Starting system consisting of:

(aa) Gear rim flywheel,     _

bb  Engine mounted starting motor, 24V. 2 poles.

Cc   Engine mounted Dynamo for charging batteries.

Dd Wiring for starter motor and dynamo.

Ee   24V DC Lead acid batteries complete with starting cables.


(3) Cooling system

All necessary pipes, pipe fittings. Expansion (Flexible Joint) and valves for engine system (Engine cooling. Fuel, etc.) shall he supplied by the tenderer.

Monitoring and control system

 All necessary Ship Wiring Control cables are supplied by the tenderer.

Safety shutdown by Solenoid


Actuated at low lub oil pressure


Crankcase overpressure

Output Shaft arrangement


flexible coupling.

 Piping: and Valves


 Mounting of main engine and gear box

The- main engines and gear boxes will be supplied with mounting feet which are suitable for mounting on the girders (seating) by the chock fasting method. The chock fasting of engines and gears will he carried out by the engine supplier as part of the commissioning of the propulsion system. Chock fast shall be supplied by tenderer in appropriate time trams before shafting alignment. Initial filling of required oils for engines and gearboxes must also be supplied by the tenderer.


For each engine, instrument panel for wheelhouse as specified and maker's standard:

aa)  Engine tachometer,

bb) Shaft tachometer..

cc) lub oil pressure gauge

dd) 2X exhaust gas temperature gauge after turbocharger

ee) cooling water temperature gague.

ff)  lub oil temperature gauge

gg) start-stop push botton

hh) engine speed control and clutch control

ii) Group alarm panel


Alarm panel for installation in wheel house for the following:

aa) Main engine

bb) low level alarm of fuel daily tanks


4) Engine telegraph


 For wheel house, indicator lamp type for (ahead, standby, dead slow, slow, half, full indication, with call bell and failure indicator, 24V, DC system, complete with spare bulbs,     

D) Stern arrangement

Complete stern arrangement with careful material and strength, selection compactible fot Aluminum hull, consisting of Hydraulic marine reverse reduction gearbox, shaft struts., Coupling 'flanges & bolts, Propeller nuts, fixed pitch propeller, cap nuts, Stuffing boxes complete with gland, water lubricated Cutlass bearing, Shaft bracket boss, etc.




1)Steering   system (Electro-hydraulic power steering) complete with fall follow up.   non-ibllow up system end emergency system, electro-hydraulic double acting   ram type complete with relief valves, by-pass valves, base plate, cocks and   fittings. Design parameters are as follow:

Design speed: 22 knots

No of rudders: 2 Nos

Effective torque on two rudders: 2x2.8 kNm

Maximum rudder angle: 85

Steering system must be complete with the following:

 Hydraulic power   pack

Simple to install:, reliable and with motor and pump   located on the top. easily accessible for maintenance. 2)  IP 44 electric   motors,-variable volume pressure compensated piston pumps, return line   filter, solenoid operated directional control valves, pressure relief   vaivefadjustable}, low pressure alarm switch, lifting eyes and drain plug,   (Tested for specified Sow, Pressure arid function)

 (3) Synchronizing rods as appropriate per   Manufacture's design

(4)   Steering   Control System (Wheeihouse)

Complete with follow up

aa) control   level

bb) (   Non follow up joystick Steering rudder angle indication (with dimmer} cc)Station   selector switch ee)Mode section switch

(ff) Control panel of hydraulic power pack

gg) One set of emergency manual hydraulic steering system   including Iieim -pump, safety bypass valve, steering wneei (3G0mm) diameter   of stainless steel or appropriate.

(5)   Pipe arid Pipe   fittings (Stainless Steel)

(aa.) Pipes . (bb) Pipes joints (straight upon fittings)

(cc) Elbows (dd) Valves (ff)fittings

(ggj Pipe clamps with fastening bolts

(hh) Sfarter panels, providing all. the necessary brakers   and saiety devices and as well as the transfer of tile control from the   steering compartment to the bridge and open bridge.

(6)   Rudder stock.   Trucking and bearings must be carefully designed based on strength ead   material selection for aluminium hull.

(7)   One set of   standard spare parts as recommended by classification societies, for 3-5 year   services.

fg) 3 sets of Instruction Manual in English.

(9)   Type approval   certificate from ABB or equivalent,

(10) Technical information   for power supply is .    aa) 4I5V, AO, 50 Hz , 3 phase

(bb) 220V. AC, 50 Hz , 2 phase (cc) . 24V) DC

(11) Original equipment   manufacturer (OEM) is Kobelt (Canada) or Equivalent,

(12) For reference   to estimate the length cf pipes and quantity of pipe fittings, the following   lengths between each station are provided: Wheel house and steering gear   compartment: 16 m.

n p,o information, pamphlets and drawings should foe   incGrpora.tzd with the  Weight of each   unit should be mentioned in uie quotation.

(F) Engine Room Ventilation. Axial Flow Blowers

 (1) Electrically   driven, 415V. AC, 3 phase, marine type, necessary  accessories so that each unit is complete   for ready installation,  supply airfoil   fan for engine room with starter switch, capacity is I approximately 7500 cfm   at 1.5 inches water at static pressure.

electrically driven, 220-V. AC, 2 phase or 415V, AC, 3   phase, marine type, necessary accessories so that each unit is complete for   ready installation, supply airfoil fan for generator room With starter switch,   capacity is approximately 706 cfm at 1 inches water at static pressure,

(G) Tools and Spares

full Sets sets of special tools

aa gineaa) engines and turbocharger.

(bb) gearbox and propeller. Cc) basic tool kits with   torque-meter chain   blocks, boxxspanners, etc

cc) Basic tool kits with torque-meter (Chain blocks, box

 Main engine

(a.a.) Spare filters for L.O and F.O for 5,000 Hours of   operation.

(bb) Spare parts for main engines for 5,000 hours of   operation,

 (cc) Recommend   Spare parts for main engines for 10,000 hours of operation.

(dd) One set of crankshaft bearing ring for repair.

propulsion   system

(aa) Spare propeller (Left & Fight)

(bb) Stem tube bearings, propeller shaft bracket bearing   (Left & Right),


  1. 1)          All   equipment and components quoted are to be of reliable and reputable, make and   supplier is to state maker, type or model number for each item.

  2. 2)          The   supplier is to provide one year warranty of ail machinery and electrical   equipment while in storage and a further one year performance warranty from   date of commissioning

  3. 3)          Quotations   must contain complete detailed technical specification accompanied by   manufacturer's illustrated brochures, catalogues and drawings.

  4. 4)          Detailed   Itemised inventory lists are to be provided for each sub¬group of spares and   tools mentioned and prices for each sub-group are to be stated.

  5. 5)          Preference   shall be given to supplier which can quote all items as a package deal.

  6. 6)          Consideration   shall be given to suppliers which can quote competitively forquality products   for a certain lot of items which can be considered independently from the   rest of the whole lot of items.    

 If you have similar project undergoing Please contact us for a proposal.





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