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Diesel Generator Operation Manual TROUBLESHOOTING Part 5 Reading Fault Codes

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Diesel Generator Operation Manual TROUBLESHOOTING Part 5

 Reading Fault Codes

7.6   Reading Fault Codes

If the generator set contains the optional graphical display and a fault occurs, the fault code/message will be displayed in the graphical display Description Line (Figure 7–1). If the control does not contain the graphical display, the fault code is read from the Warning and Shutdown status indicators.

After the fault is acknowledged and corrected, the recorded fault will be deleted from the control panel memory, but will remain in a data log to maintain a fault code history.

Note:   The InPower service tool is required to view this data log.

7.6.1   Reading Fault Codes Using Graphical Display (Optional)

The top three lines of the graphical display contain the following control information in the order described:

State Line:  Modes of operation, such as Stopped, Time Delay to Start, Warm Up at Idle, etc. (see Figure 7–1), and paralleling operations, such as Standby, Dead BUS Close, Synchronise, etc.

Action Line:  System actions, such as Warning, De-rate, Shutdown Cool–down and Shutdown, and Fault codes.

Description Line:  Fault code messages.

Refer to History/About Submenus in Section 4.8, which describes how to view fault codes using graphical display.

7.6.2   Reading Fault Codes Using Warning/Shutdown Indicators

If the Warning or Shutdown status indicator is lit, press and hold the Fault Acknowledge button for a minimum of ten seconds. After ten seconds, the Shutdown lamp will begin to blink the active fault code(s) as follows:

The Warning lamp is used to indicate the start of a new code. The Warning lamp will remain on for two seconds, followed by the Shutdown lamp blinking the fault code. This sequence occurs three times for each code. The fourth flash of the Warning lamp indicates the beginning of the second fault code.

There are distinct pauses between repetitions of the code blink transmissions of the Shutdown lamp.

A three-digit fault code is indicated by three sets of blinks separated by a two-second pause. The first set corresponds to the hundreds position, the second to the tens position, and the third to the ones digit. Example for Code No. 213:

Shutdown LED: blink–blink–pause–blink–pause–blink–blink–blink

Warning LED:blink (two seconds)

The light will display the fault codes (active or inactive) in succession, starting with the most recent. Up to 32 (unacknowledged) fault codes can be stored in control panel memory.

To return the control to the most recent fault code, press and release the Fault Acknowledge button (less than one second) and repeat procedure.

When the fault code is acknowledged and the fault condition is corrected, the fault code will be removed from the LED fault log.


Figure 7-1Front Control Panel (Full-Featured)

1.Shutdown, Warning Status Indicators

2.Fault Acknowledge Button

3.Graphical Display

4.Not in Auto Indicator




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