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Diesel Generator Operation Manual System Overview part1

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Diesel Generator Operation Manual

 System Overview part1

1.Generator Components – Typical Generator Set

The main components of a Typical Generator Set are shown below and referred to within this section. Refer to the Engine Manual for location of other components, e.g. oil filler, dipstick, etc.

Data sheets are also available if additional, specific information is required. Contact your authorised distributor.

Various options are listed although they may not be available for all models.


Figure 3-1Typical Generator Set (C450 to C550)


                               KEY                                                                                           OPTIONS

                              1.Alternator                                                                                 Batteries and Tray

                              2.Control Housing                                                                       Circuit Breaker Entrance Box

                              3.Control Panel                                                                           Electric Fuel Transfer Pump

                              4.Air Cleaner                                                                               Engine Coolant Heater

                              5.EngineSump Drain Pump


                              7.Bed Frame

1.1   AC Supply and Isolation

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to provide the AC power supply and the means to isolate the AC input to the terminal box. Refer to the wiring diagram supplied with the generator set.

Note: A separate disconnecting device is required by BS EN 12601:2001.


1.2   Control System

The control system is a micro-processor based control unit for monitoring and protecting the generator set (see Section 4) and can provide automatic paralleling. All indicators, control switches/buttons and the digital display are on the face of the control panel as illustrated in    Figure 4-1.

The control system provides fuel control and engine speed governing, main alternator voltage output regulation, and complete generator set control and monitoring. The control also monitors the health of the engine, alternator and auxiliary systems continuously, via an array of sensors and senders located on the generator set, and will affect an Automatic Shutdown if a serious fault occurs.

1.3   Engine

All generator sets employ a 4-stroke, water-cooled engine and incorporate a governor control and full engine protection system. Refer to the Generating Set Rating Plate for engine type and rating details.

For further information refer to the engine manual supplied with this manual.

1.4   Alternator

All generator sets use AC alternators of a brushless, rotating field design, which eliminates the maintenance associated with slip rings and brushes. Refer to the Generating Set Rating Plate for alternator type and rating details.

1.5   Generator Rating

For details of your generator rating refer to the Generating Set Rating Plate.

1.6   Generator Set Construction

Most generator sets are constructed as a single module with the engine and alternator connected through a coupling chamber with resilient mountings to form one unit. The engine and alternator are mounted on a bedframe on resilient mounts. This results in one unit of immense strength and rigidity, with accurate alignment between the engine and alternator, and effective damping of engine vibration.


1.7   Fuel System

A fuel tank incorporated into the base frame can be provided. Alternately free standing main tanks with stands providing 450, 900 and 1350 litre capacity are available as options.

Note: Where spillage containment is not part of Cummins supply, it is the responsibility of the installer to provide the necessary containment to prevent contamination of the environment, especially water courses/sources.

1.7.1   Fuel Transfer Pumps (Option)

Free standing fuel tanks can be filled manually using an optional hand fuel transfer pump.

Alternatively, fuel tanks can be filled automatically using an electrical fuel transfer pump. This pump, which is supplied complete with starter, operates under the control of Low and High Fuel Level switches fitted to the tank.

On automatically filled systems, the tank filler cap is replaced with an overflow/breather connection to allow piping to a safe area or return to a bulk tank.

1.7.2   Fuel / Water Separators

Set-mounted fuel/water separators are fitted as standard to provide protection for the engine fuel injection system as water-free fuel supplies cannot be guaranteed.

1.8   Cooling System

The engine cooling system consists of a radiator and pusher fan, mechanically driven water pump and a thermostat. The fan drives air through the radiator and removes surface heat from the engine and alternator.

The alternator has its own internal cooling fan.

1.9   Engine Exhaust (Option)

Exhaust systems, which are optional and supplied in loose form, reduce engine noise to acceptable levels and pipe exhaust gases to an area where they will not present a hazard. Industrial and residential types are available as options. Flexible bellows are also available as an option.

1.10   DC Electrical System

A 24 volt battery system provides multi-attempt engine starting and DC power for the generator set control system.

1.10.1   Battery System

Battery type, size and voltage are selected to suit the generator set capacity and application on ordering.

1.10.2   Charge Alternator

An engine driven charge alternator is provided as standard to maintain the battery in a charged condition when the engine is running.

1.10.3   Mains Powered Battery Charger (Option)

Optional single phase, mains powered battery chargers, which can be panel or wall mounted, are available to maintain the battery in a charged condition when the generator set is not running.


1.11   Alarm Module (Option)

The front panel comprises a warning horn, three indicator lights, and one toggle-switch, and has the ability to provide warnings audibly and/or visually.


Figure 3-2Alarm Module Front Panel

The toggle-switch provides the user with the ability to enable or silence the horn. The green or the amber LED will illuminate to indicate the active mode of the toggle-switch, whilst the red LED will illuminate if the alarm has been activated.

The three indicator lights provide the following information:


Label Text



Alarm Actuated

Alarm Actuated







1.12   Sensors/Senders

Various generator set parameters are measured by sensors, senders, RTDs etc. and the resulting signals are received by the control.

Engine mounted sensors are able to monitor the following systems:

Cooling system


Lube oil

Miscellaneous areas

Optional alternator mounted sensors are able to monitor the following parameter:

Winding temps




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