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Diesel Generator Operation Manual SYSTEM OPERATION Operation Part 5 Stopping

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Diesel Generator Operation Manual  SYSTEM OPERATION Operation Part 5 



5.8.1   Emergency Stop (Code 1434)

The  emergency  stop  button  is  located  on  the  upper  right  side  of   the   control   panel (Figure 4-1). Push the button in for emergency stop. The red Shutdown status LED will light and the graphical display message will be:


To reset:

1.Pull, or twist and pull, the button out.

2.Turn the Off/Manual/Auto switch to Off (O).

3.Press the front panel Fault Acknowledge button.

4.Select Manual or Auto, as required.

Caution:   Ensure that the cause of the emergency is fully investigated and remedied before an emergency stop Reset, and generator set Start are attempted.

Note:   Emergency Stop shutdown status can be reset only at the operator control panel.

5.8.2   Stopping at Switch Panel (Manual Mode)

If the generator set was started at the switch panel (Off/Manual/Auto switch in the Manual position), pressing the Manual Run/Stop button will cause the set to complete its normal (Local Start) shutdown sequence (Figure 5-1).

Note:   PTC: See Table 5-1 for PTC sequence of operation.

The pre-set Cool–down time (at rated speed) can vary dependent on the kW output. That is if, prior to shutdown, the kW is 10% or less of rated, the control software considers this output as Cool– down and will subtract this time from the pre-set Cool–down Timer.

The set will stop after the Cool–down at Idle Timer (zero to ten minutes) has timed out. (If necessary, the set will continue to run after time–out until coolant reaches normal operating temperature).

Moving the Off/Manual/Auto switch to the Off (O) position will cause an immediate engine shutdown (bypass Cool–down At Idle) and display a Cool–down Interrupted Warning message. This hot shutdown should be avoided, if possible, to help prolong the reliability of the engine.

Hot shutdowns are logged in the system software.

5.8.3   Stopping at Remote Operator Panel (Auto Mode)

When the Operator Panel is mounted remotely of the control panel assembly, the Stop button of the Control submenu can also be used to stop the generator set (Off/Manual/Auto switch in the Auto position).

The function of this Stop button is identical to the Stopping from Remote Location (non-emergency sequence, Figure 5-1). Refer to Control Submenu for additional information.

Note:   The Off/Manual/Auto switch must be in the Auto position to activate the Remote Menu Buttons of the Control submenu.


5.8.4   Stopping from Remote Location (Switch or Device) (Auto Mode)

If the control receives a Remote Stop signal or the control detects the return of the utility voltage through the PTC, the set will complete its normal shutdown sequence. (The remote Stop signal is actually the removal of the remote Start signal to the control).

The set will stop after completing the following Cool–down sequence:

Time Delay To Stop (zero to 300 seconds)

Cool–down At Idle (zero to ten minutes) or longer, if necessary, to obtain normal operating temperature before shutdown.

Note:   Refer to Section 4.9 Adjust Submenu to change the Time Delay to Stop setting. The InPower service tool is required to modify the Cool–down At Idle setting. If necessary, contact an authorised distributor for assistance.





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