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Diesel Generator Operation Manual Control System Part 7 Control Submenu

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Diesel Generator Operation Manual Control System Part 7

Control Submenu

IftheControlbuttoninMenuAispressed,theControlsubmenuwillappear (Figure 7-1).

7.1Local Control Submenu Function

When the Operator panel (Figure 4-1) is mounted on the control panel assembly, the Run Mode Idle/Rated button is active (displayed).

Note:   In remote applications (Figure 7-2) this button is not displayed.

The shaded area in Figure 4-7 displays the selected/active mode of operation, (Idle or Rated).

Note:   Run Mode Idle/Run at Rated Button: Refer to Section 5.7 for a complete description of the Run at Idle mode.


Figure 7-1 Local Control Sub-menu

7.2Remote Control Submenu Functions

When the Operator panel is mounted remotely of the control panel assembly, the menu buttons in the Control submenu are used to perform the following remote operations. (To activate these menu buttons for Remote/Local use, refer to Section 4.3.1).

Note:The Off/Manual/Auto switch must be in the Auto position to activate the Remote Menu Buttons of the Control submenu



Figure 7-2 Control Sub-menu

7.2.1   Remote Start or Stop Button:

This button is used to Start and Stop the generator set when the operator panel is mounted in a remote location. For additional information refer to the Starting at Remote Operator Panel (Section 5.6.3) and Stopping at Remote Operator Panel (Section 5.8.3).

When the generator set is operating, Stop will be displayed for this button and Start will be displayed when the set is not operating.

7.2.2   Fault Acknowledge Button:

Used to reset inactive Warning messages, not Shutdown messages.

7.3   Local/Remote Control Submenu Function

7.3.1   Bargraph Test:

The function of this button remains the same and is not dependent on operator panel location. This button sequentially lights the LEDs to test the bar graph display.

7.3.2   Enable Sync:

Displayed in paralleling applications only. Intended for service personnel to turn off the synchroniser for troubleshooting/testing purposes.




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