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Diesel Generator Operation Manual Control System Part 4 Main Menu

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Diesel Generator Operation Manual Control System Part 4 

Main Menu

Figure 4-1 shows the main menus (Menu A and Menu B) of the system control. The two main menus are used to divide the system submenus into major categories, such as, Engine Data, Alternator Data, Control, etc.

To view system data, simply press the appropriate menu button to select the category. After pressing the desired menu button, refer to the following pages for detailed information related to the selected category.

Note:   The numerical information shown in the following figures is for example only. They do not necessarily reflect the information for your specific generator set.


Figure 4-1System Control Main Menus A and B

Note:    In the following figures, the boxed/highlighted field indicates that the adjacent menu  button is active. Also, the submenus are shown in the order in which they are displayed when scrolling up , or down .

4.1   Adjust Button

The Adjust submenu is intended for competent site personnel only. Note that a password may be assigned to allow only authorised operators to modify this data.

4.2   Set-up Button

The Set-up submenu is described in the Service manual and is intended for competent service personnel only. For this reason, a password must be entered before this data can be modified.

Note:    PTC – The PTC Setup submenu is intended for qualified service and site personnel   only. Password is provided, but can be changed after installation to prevent un- authorised modifications,

Note:   The Adjust and Set-up submenus can be viewed, but not modified without entering the correct passwords.

4.3   _\_ Button (Paralleling applications only)

When displayed, indicates that the feature for generator set paralleling applications is enabled. This button is used to open and close the generator set circuit breaker (CB). The symbol indicates if the CB is opened or closed.

Opened _\_, push to close. 

Closed _-_, push to open.

With the control panel Off/Manual/Auto switch in the Auto position, the opening and closing of the CB is controlled by the control system software. The CB symbol will indicate an open or closed CB, but the button will be inactive when the control is in Auto.

In the Manual position, the CB can only be closed by using this button. When manually closed and the CB opens, it must be closed again by using this button. To close the CB, press and hold the button until the symbol indicates a closed CB. (CB close will occur only when set-up conditions allow - dead bus or generator set synchronised with bus).

4.4   Power Trans Button (PTC applications only)

When displayed, indicates that the Power Transfer Control feature is enabled. Refer to Section 4-12 for submenu description.




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