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Diesel Generator Operation Manual Control System Part 2

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Diesel Generator Operation Manual Control System Part 2

Menu Display and Switches

Figure 2-2 shows the graphical display and the menu selection buttons.

2.1Graphical Display

The graphical display is capable of displaying up to nine lines of data with approximately 27 characters per line. The display is used to view the menus of the menu–driven operating system. (Refer to the menu trees later in this section). The display is also used to show the following system information:

State Line - modes of operation, such as Stopped, Time Delay to Start, Warm Up at Idle, etc. (see Figure2-1), and paralleling operations, such as Standby, Dead BUS Close, Synchronise, etc.

Action Line - system actions, such as Warning, De-rate, Shutdown Cool–down and Shutdown, and fault codes.


Figure 2-2Graphical Display and Menu Selection Buttons

Description Line - Fault code/status messages.

2.2Menu Buttons

Six momentary buttons - three on each side of the graphical display window - are used to navigate through the system control menus and to adjust generator set parameters. The button is active when the message or symbol adjacent to the switch is highlighted (displayed in inverse video). The displayed message or symbol indicates the function of the button.

Note:    In the graphical display, the  symbol  indicates  that selecting  the  adjacent  button causes the operating program to go to the      next menu display—as shown in the menu diagrams.

           In  the  graphical display, the symbol indicates that selecting the adjacent button causes the operating program to go back to the previous menu display.

          In  the  graphical display, thesymbol indicates that selecting the adjacent button causes the operating program to go back to Main Menu A (Figure 2-4).

3   Menu Units Selection

During any control panel operation, you can change how units are displayed by pressing the two lower menu buttons (one on each side of display). When pressing these two buttons simultaneously, the unit’s submenus will appear (Figure 4-3). After selecting the desired units, press the ENTER button in this submenu to change and save the selections.

Note:   Use the + button to select the desired option for each field. Use the arrow () button to move to the next field. Selected field is highlighted.


Figure 3Units Submenu

3.1   Local/Remote Field

This selection must be set to Local, when the graphical display is mounted on the generator set front control panel, or Remote when mounted remotely from the generator set.

The Local/Remote selection determines which buttons in the Control submenu (Section 4.7) are active (displayed).

Temp:Used to select F or C for temperature readings. 

Pressure Fluid:Used to select PSI, KPa, BAR or IN for pressure readings. 

Pressure Gas:Used to select INHG or MMHG for pressure readings.

Flow Air:Used to select CFM or CMM for airflow readings.




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