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Diesel Generator Lead Acid Batteries General Precautions SECTION 4 - COMMISSIONING

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4  Commissioning

Note:Commissioning is to be undertaken by suitably trained and qualified service personnel


Lead-acid batteries supplied in dry-charged form are commissioned as follows:

4.1  Pre-Commissioning Procedure

1.Check for any mechanical damage to the battery case or terminals, and ensure that the battery is clean and dry.

2.Smear the battery terminals with petroleum jelly to prevent corrosion.

3.Remove the vent plugs and break any seals (if present), taking care not to damage the plates or separators. The broken seal will fall into the bottom of the chamber and do no harm.

4.2  Filling with Electrolyte

1.Fill each cell of the battery with dilute sulphuric acid (electrolyte) of the correct specific gravity (SG) as shown in Table 6-1, and according to the levels given in Table 8-1. (8.2 litres per standard 655 battery).

2.The filling operation must be completed in one operation.

3.Allow the battery to soak for ten to fifteen minutes. If the electrolyte level has fallen, it should be restored by adding electrolyte of the correct SG to the levels given in Table 8-1.

4.After filling, the battery must be placed on a commissioning charge within 1 hour. Charging must take place before any load is placed on the battery. (Refer to Section 4.4).

Caution:Failure to give this commissioning charge may impair the charge capacity and life of the battery.

4.3  Charging

1.Charge the battery at the current rating given in Table 8-1 for a minimum of four hours in order to ensure that the acid is sufficiently mixed within the battery. The charging period may need to be extended if the battery has been in storage.

2.At the end of the charging process, the electrolyte levels must be checked and restored if necessary by the addition of electrolyte of the correct SG. The vent caps must then be replaced.

Note:Any further topping-up of the electrolyte must be made using distilled or de-ionised water.

3.When the generator set is running, check the charge alternator output using an induction ammeter.

4.4  Fitting the battery to the Generator Set

1.A battery must not be fitted to a generator set without charge if the SG of the electrolyte has fallen below 1.240 during storage.

2.Battery hold-down bolts must be tight but not over tight.

3.Re-smear the terminals with petroleum jelly, if necessary.

4.Fit the vents firmly in position and ensure that the battery is clean and dry.

5.Ensure correct polarity when connecting the battery to the set. Even momentary incorrect connection can cause damage to the electrical system. Connect the positive generator cable FIRST, followed by the negative ground.

6.Terminal connections must be tight but not over tight.




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