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Diesel Generator Installation Guidelines Part 1

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Diesel Generator Installation Guidelines Part 1

These installation recommendations apply to typical installations with standard model generator sets. Whenever possible, these recommendations also cover factory designed options or modifications. However, because of the many variables in any installation, it is not possible to provide specific recommendations for every situation. If there are any questions not answered here, contact us for assistance.

Application and Installation

A power system must be carefully planned and correctly installed for proper operation. This involves two essential elements.

  • Application (as it applies to generator set installations) refers to the design of the complete power system that usually includes power distribution equipment, transfer switches, ventilation equipment, mounting pads, cooling, exhaust, and fuel systems. Each component must be correctly designed so the complete system will function as intended. Application and design is an engineering function generally done by specifying engineers or other trained specialists. Specifying engineers or other trained specialists are responsible for the design of the complete power system and for selecting the materials and products required.


  • Installation refers to the actual set-up and assembly of the power system. The installers set up and connect the various components of the system as specified in the system design plan. The complexity of the system normally requires the special skills of qualified electricians, plumbers, sheet-metal workers, etc. to complete the various segments of the installation. This is necessary so that all components are assembled using standard methods and practices.

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Safety Considerations

The generator set has been carefully designed to provide safe and efficient service when properly installed, maintained, and operated. However, the overall safety and reliability of the complete system is dependent on many factors outside the control of the generator set manufacturer. To avoid possible safety hazards, make all mechanical and electrical connections to the generator set exactly as specified in this manual. All systems external to the generator (fuel, exhaust, electrical, etc.) must comply with all applicable codes. Make certain all required inspections and tests have been completed and all code requirements have been satisfied before certifying the installation is complete and ready for service.







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