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Diesel Generator General Safety Precautions-2

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Diesel Generator General Safety Precautions-2

 Before operating the generator set, read the manuals and become familiar with them and the equipment. Safe and efficient operation can be achieved only if the equipment is properly operated and maintained. Many accidents are caused by failure to follow fundamental rules and precautions.



Improper operation and maintenance can lead to severe personal injury or

Ioss of life and property by fire, electrocution. mechanical breakdown. Or exhaust gas asphyxiation. Read and follow all Safety Precautions, Warnings and Cautions throughout this manual and the Health and Safety manual.



Lifting and repositioning of the generator set must only be carried out using

suitable lifting equipment shackles. and spreader bars, in accordance with

focal guidelines and Iegislation, by suitably trained and experienced personnel. Incorrect Iifting can result in severe personal injury death and/orl equipment damage.

 Cummins power generation

Moving Parts Can Cause Severe Personal Injury Or Death

  • Keep your hands, clothing, and jewelry away from moving parts

  • Before starting work on the generator set, disconnet the battery charger from its AC source, then disconnect the starting batteries, negative cable (-) cable first. This will prevent accident starting.

  • Make sure that fasteners on the generator set are secure. Tighten supports and clamps keep guards in position over fans, drive belts, etc.

  • . Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry in the vicinity of moving parts or while working on electrical equipment. Loose clothing and jewelry can become caught in moving parts.

  • If any adjustments must be made while the unit is running, use extreme caution around hot  manifolds, moving parts, etc.







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