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Diesel Generator General Safety Precautions-1

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This article is about diesel generator safety operation written for the operator. And if you are diesel generator owner, maker, or dealer, we wish you share this article to the operator. Safe and efficient operation can be achieved only if the equipment is properly operated and maintained. Many accidents are caused by failure to follow fundamental rules and


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  • Coolants under pressure have a higher boiling point than water.  DO NOT open a radiator or heat exchanger pressure cap while the engine is running. Allow the generator set to cool and bleed the system pressure first to prevent severe scalding let the engine cool down before removing the coolant pressure cap Tum the cap slowly, and do not open it fully until the pressure has been relieved

  • Benzene and lead, found in some fuels have been identified by some countries, states as causing cancer or reproductive topiary when checking, draining or adding gasoline (if applicable to your product), take care not to ingest, breathe the fumes, or Contact gasoline.

  • Used engine oils have been identified by by some countries, states as causing cancer or reproductive toxicity. When checking or changing engine oil. Take care not to ingest,

 breathe the fumes or contact used oil.

  • Keep multi-class ABC fire extinguishers handy. Class A fires involve ordinary combustible

  Materials such as wood and cloth; Class B fires involve combustible and flammable liquid

   Fuels and gaseous fuels; Class C fires involve live electrical equipment.

  • Make sure that rags are not left on or near the engine.

  • Make sure generator set is mounted in a manner to prevent combustible materials from

  accumulating under the unit.

  • Remove all unnecessary grease and oil from the unit. Accumulated grease and oil can

   cause overheating and engine damage which present a potential fire hazard.

  • Keep the generator set and the surrounding area clean and free from obstructions.

   Remove any debris from the set and keep the floor clean and dry.

  • Do not work on this equipment when mentally or physically fatigued, or after consuming any alcohol or drug that makes the operation of equipment unsafe.

  • Substances in exhaust gases have been identified by some state or federal agencies as

  causing cancer or reproductive toxicity. Take care not to breath, ingest or come into

   contact with exhaust gases.

  • Do not store any flammable liquids, such as fuel, cleaners, oil, etc., near the generator set. A fire or explosion could result.

  • Wear hearing protection when going near an operating generator set.

  • To prevent serious burns, avoid contact with hot metal parts such as the radiator, the turbo-charger, and the exhaust system.

We will continue to publish more information about this subject, please keep your attention.




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