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Diesel Engine-The updated China IV non-road emission standards

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The updated China IV non-road  emission standards

 In December 2020, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) of China updated  the China IV non-road tailpipe emission standards, setting new requirements for  particle number (PN) limits, the use of Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking  systems, and portable emissions measurement system (PEMS) testing for improved  real-world compliance. The new requirements were released in the form of  amendments to the Limits and Measurement Methods for Exhaust Pollutants from  Diesel Engines of Non-Road Mobile Machinery (China III, IV) (GB 20891-2014).

 The  updated China IV standards will phase in from December 2022 for all diesel nonroad equipment with engine sizes smaller than 560kW, and for diesel three-wheeler  trucks.2 In addition, the MEE released Emissions Control Technical Requirements  of Non-Road Diesel Mobile Machinery (HJ 1014-2020) as supplemental guidance  regarding technical specifications.

Cummins IV non road engine

Cummins IV China IV non-road engine from Cummina Inc.


As the market for non-road equipment in China has grown, so have tailpipe emissions.  By 2019, the country’s stock of construction equipment had reached about eight  million units and agricultural equipment totaled about 40 million units. Those two  segments account for about 90% of the non-road market.4 Nitrogen oxide (NOx)  emissions from construction and agricultural equipment reached more than 3.3  million tons in 2019, and particulate matter (PM) emissions totaled some 0.2 million  tons.5 That equates to almost 56% of the PM emitted by all mobile sources. For  comparison, the 340 million on-road vehicles contributed 24% of total PM emissions.

from mobile sources.5 The high levels of PM from construction and agricultural  equipment highlight the urgent need to reduce particle emissions.  China has followed the European pathway in regulating tailpipe emissions of nonroad equipment, rolling out regulations in stages: » China I and II. The country’s efforts started in 2007, with adoption of the Limits and  Measurement Methods for Exhaust Pollutants from Diesel Engines of Non-Road  Mobile Machinery (China I and II) (GB20891-2007).6 China I phased in starting in  October 2007, with China II beginning in October 2009. Those standards generally  followed the requirements of European Union (EU) Stage I and II non-road emission  standards, though with some amendments.  » China III and IV. In 2014, the MEE released the Limits and Measurement Methods  for Exhaust Pollutants from Diesel Engines of Non-Road Mobile Machinery (China  III and IV) (GB 20891-2014), with limits and measurement methods set for China III,  which was equivalent to Euro Stage IIIA non-road emission standards.7 These China  III standards were phased in from October 2014. That document included advance  notice of emission limits for the next regulatory step, China IV (Euro Stage IIIB  equivalent), but without an implementation timeline.




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