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China Genuine Stamford Alternator Identification

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China Genuine Stamford Alternator Identification

For Choosing  genuine engines such as cummins, perkins, MTU and volve power for the generator, a same level alternator such as Stamford, Marathon will be the best choice. 

Earlier we talk about how to identify Cummins engine for the China Cummins genset, and 

it is time for us heading for discuss the STAMFORD alternator.

However, have you heard millions rumors of the fake Stamford alternator produced in China? Unfortunately, most of be said is true. Copy, fake, cheap stamford alternator are occupying some percentage market share in somewhere.

So how to identify the genuine ones is coming up to the subject.

Today, we would like to show non-technical part checking.

And please note that our documents published below are  the most updated ones from Stamford newage in China now. Not for the ones you bought before 06/2013.


Latest name plate of cummins generatortechnologies newage 

(Self-adhesive paper)


This is very important, from late 2013 , genuine newage Stamford alternator 

comes with the anti-counterfeiting technical.


The certificate of conformity of newage stamford alternator.

After checking above three certificates, you need to check all the manuals including the AVR, drawings and specification carefully.

Of course, the mentioned examination is not related to the technical part, and we will discuss it next time about the AVR, and the main system of the alternator.

In 2018, stamford alternator will publish new name tag and we will update it you.




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