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ATLAS COPCO super silent generator 50 - 60 Hz

ATLAS COPCO super silent generator 50 - 60 Hz has been designed, manufactured and tested for a lifetime of service.
These generator are low cost of ownership, reliable performance and risk-free operation. Predictable Power is the core value and the guiding principle for how we design, test, build,commission and service these generators.
  • QIS range


  • 7KVA-600KVA

  • 50HZ/60HZ

  • 400V/480V

ATLAS COPCO super silent generator 50 - 60 Hz

The ATLAS COPCO range is designed to combine maximum choice with exceptional reliability and performance. From primary to critical backup power needs, these generators are designed for optimal performance in the most demanding conditions and all applications, from data centers and healthcare to manufacturing, utilities and retail.

Thanks to its versatility and user-friendliness, it can be easily integrated into all your projects.

Designed and built to the very highest standards, ATLAS COPCO range carries out extreme testing for both components and for the assembled units – resulting in exceptional reliability.

The ATLAS COPCO range allows you to specify the configuration of your generator through a wide range of useful options. You can customize everything from the power output to the required level of noise suppression.

Atlas copco silent type silent genset.jpeg

ATLAS COPCO super silent generator 50 - 60 Hz benefits

  • Maximal versatility and sel fconfigurability via its unique and easy to use self upgradeable, from single use to paralelling, control and power panel. Available from 220 kVA.

  • Tough, rust-proof canopy protects all components.

  • To be used in the most noise-sensitive areas. Different noiseattenuation level enclosures.

  • Works reliably in extreme temperatures.

  • A single lifting point ensures safe, simple and well-balanced handling.

  • Excellent accessibility and serviceability that allows easy cleaning of the radiator and convenient access to the alternator.

As a dealer of ATLAS COPCO for many years, we built the solid connection with Atlas Copcp. We are confident to provide you the good service and price.

Hiersun Engineers are trained and certified in the latest Power solution knowledge for each market and are able to assist you with engine integration into your specific application. Our engineers and sales representatives will spend time with you to understand your application and provide you with a custom solution to best fit your requirements. Customers benefit from Hiersun Power extensive experience and product knowledge of a variety of markets and can assist you with new product or repower applications.





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