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500KW 1000 r/min Diesel Generator Set Medium Speed Generator Set

500KW 1000 r/min Diesel Generator Set Medium Speed Generator Set

. General Data

1  Generator Model 500GFJF-3

2  Generator Main Technical Data

2.1 Diesel engine Main Technical Data

   Engine XCW6200ZD   Bore* Stroke: 200*270

    TypeInline Four -stroke, water-cooled , direct injection , turbocharged and intercooled

   Prime Power (kW)698

   Rated Speed    1000   r/min

   Fuel Consumption197 g/kW.h

   Fuel  0# diesel

    Lube oil consumption:<0.8 g/kW.h

  LubeBase oil CD40 meet GB11122 standard diesel oil.

  CoolantFresh water

  StartingCompressed air starter

  StopOn engine and remote, and over speed, protection for low oil pressure.

  Speed Governor Manual Speed adjusting, on Engine, Electronic speed

  Exhaust back pressure≤2.5kPa

  Engine Power supplyDC24V±20%,Current10A

22 Alternator Main technical

   Alternator1FC6455-6LA42 (Siemens made In China)

   Rated Speed    1000   r/min 

   Rated Voltage  400V

   Rated frequency  50Hz     

   Capacity Power  625  KVA

   Power Factor  cosφ 0.8Lag

  Insulation class     F

  Immunity Standards ≥N

  Waveform distortion rate:<5%

  Protection class   IP23  Excitation IP54

  Phase: three-phase four -wire

  Outlet direction : Terminal box on diesel manipulation side

  Excitation System : Brushless , AVR automatic voltage regulator

  Bearing Type : Rolling 

2.3 Unit main parameters:

  Generator Set Model 500GFJF-3

  Rated Speed 1000r/min

  Prime Power    500   kW

  Rated Voltage  400V

  Rated Frequency  50Hz                

  Power Factor  cosφ0.8lag);

  Steady transfer rate:<5%

  Transient transfer rate±10%Load switch 100%→0%→50%→100%);

  Recovery time≤5s

  Generator set allow running 110% for 1 hour based on on prime power every 12     hours,

  Generator dimension5150×1970×2500

  Generator set Weight 12500kg

3.Supply Scope per Unit

Diesel is coupled alternator by high elastic steel, fan, radiator, lube cooler, hand-operated oil pump, cooling pipe system on the skid amount. All the joint is with flanges and connector.

3.1 Starting system

  Electrical starter, batteries (User prepare ) 300Ah/24V2 pcs 300Ah/12V batteries),starting cableUser prepared):95mm2×3.5M.

3.2 Inlet and exhaust system

   Impulse turbocharger, turbocharger outlet elbow ( loose shipment ) exhaust expansion bellows( loose shipment ), exhaust temperature gauge.

3.3 Fuel and control system

   Complete fuel oil injection pump, Electronic speed governor, fuel filter, solenoid

3.4  Lube system

       Lube pump, lube filter, Plate-fin oil cooler, Hand-operated oil - pump

3.5 Cooling system

    Diesel engine belt driven fan, cooling water pump

  Radiator, air to air cooler

  Cooling system installed with electrical heater, so engine be started when the environment        temperature is lower than 5℃.  

3.6 Monitor system

3.6.1 Guage box attached on Unit

  Display diesel engine main parameter, alarm, and stop as below :



  Parameter (Unit)          Alarming Value             top Value

  Speedr/min            1100                     1150

  Oil PressureMPa       0.20                      0.15

  Water temperature    88                        92

  Lube tempreture      78

   And also equipped below items on the gauge box: Start keys, stop button, noise damping button, Power supply switch and running, alarming indicator.

3.6.2 Generator control panelappointed supplyGGD-500/400-T   

3.7 Attached Operation ManualsChinese and English 1 Set

3.8 Spare Parts 1 Set

3.9 Tool box

3.10 Optional configuration/ Spare Parts




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