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40KVA 60KVA 100KVA 200KVA Cummins Diesel Generator Set shiping to Kazakhstan

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40KVA 60KVA 100KVA 200KVA Cummins Diesel Generator Set shiping to Kazakhstan

DCEC Cummins generator-1

Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd. (abb. DFAC), is a Chinese automobile company based in Xiangyang, Hubei province. It is a subsidiary of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. (DFL); DFL is a joint venture of Dongfeng Motor Group (DFG) and Nissan; DFG is majority owned by Dongfeng Motor Corporation, a Chinese state-owned enterprise.

It makes light commercial vehicles for the Chinese market. It also makes diesel engines in a 50-50 joint venture with Cummins, Inc. known as Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co. Ltd.

Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 东风康明斯发动机有限公司; abb. DCEC), a joint venture of Cummins and Dongfeng in Xiangyang (formerly called Xiangfan), was established in 1995. It manufactured heavy duty vehicle engines.

Hiersun Power has been a authorized dealer and OEM of DCEC for decades. We Stock about 70 engine vary different power capacity of DCEC engine for making sure the diesel Generator will be assembly within 10 days of open type and 15 days for silent type. We challenge a strict delivery time.

60-120KW Cummins generator set which fitted the American Cummins B series diesel engine, equipped with some famous brushless excitation alternators(Marathon, Stamford, etc.) and intelligent control panels.

The diesel generator set has auto protective device, it can control and protect the water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, and the speed. 

It has many advantages such as automatic speed regulation, automatic voltage regulation, good dynamic performance, stable fluctuation form of voltage, high efficiency, excellent reliability, long service life, etc.

DCEC Cummins generator-2

The machine can be combined as power station group with automatic starting units and ATS, etc. with the customer’s request.

Standard Structure of Generator Set

Engine: Cummins 4-stroke/after-cooler/                                         

turbocharger diesel engine.                                     

Alternator: Marathon alternator.                                 

Control System: easy-to-use control system                     

with reliable performance.                                   

Cooling System: Closed water cool, allowing                             

ambient temperature to reach 40℃.             

Start up System: 24V DC startup/air startup.                     

Seat: Satisfactory shockproof system for                        

installation of alternator, engine and cooling system.         

Accessory Parts: Exhaust silencer, Corrugated           

pipe and elbow required for installation.

DCEC Cummins generator-3

Generator Features

100% tested to fully conform to GB2820-97 which is the Chinese National Standard. 

Engine is developed, designed and manufactured by Cummins, offering a best performance and 


Alternator is manufactured by Marathon with world latest leading technology.

Alternator exciter system enables the generator set to handle any frequency decrease in case of  

transient loading.

The low reactant design of  the alternator enables non-linear wave distortion to be minimized, also 

offering satisfactory startup capability.

The PT fuel system developed by Cummins operates stably with full combustion; being highly  efficient with good emissions.

Interested in the Cummins Diesel Generator sets powered by DCEC please contact us.




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