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400HZ Alternator for Aircraft

  • 430PSL1316


  • 400HZ

  • 220V

400HZ alternator for aircraft

General Information

Our 400 Hertz line of AC generators are synchronous, brushless, AC generators employing a 24 pole main revolving field to produce 400 Hertz at 2000 RPM. The main stator (armature windings) are two circuit 10 lead designs, internally connected in a Wye connection. Design output voltages are 208Y/120 volts (Low Wye connection), and 416Y/240 volts (High Wye connection).


Operating Speed.

Synchronous speed for 400 Hertz operation is 2000 RPM. All startup, operating and running trouble shooting procedures contained in the above referenced service manuals should be conducted at 2000 RPM. Substitute 400 Hertz, 2000 RPM for 60 Hertz,1800 RPM, or 50 Hertz, 1500 RPM wherever these two frequencies and speeds are indicated.

Automatic Voltage Regulator.

The standard automatic voltage regulator furnished by Marathon for use with our 400 Hertz generators is Basler Electric Company Model AVC63-12B2. For parallel operation, a paralleling current transformer will be required. The connection diagrams on Page 3 of this Supplement are typical for hook-up of the generators with the standard Model AVC63-12B2. Should your specific unit be equipped with additional accessories, or with an automatic voltage regulator other than the AVC63-12B2, please consult the factory, or your supplier for the appropriate diagrams.






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