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2 units 180KW Cummins diesel generator with weather proof shipped to Vietnam

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2 units 180KW Cummins diesel generator with weather proof shipped to Vietnam

Diesel power generators are an essential part of the construction industry. Contractors often find themselves at job sites where the lack of electrical service or regular power outages occur. Diesel silent generators allow contractors to continue working without disruption and meet deadlines.


From heating a welfare unit or powering critical construction equipment such as tower cranes, welders or pumps, our generators for construction industry offer low owning and operating costs and have a record for performance. Don’t let power supply stop you from getting a job done right, on time, and on budget.For building sites in residential areas we can also

supply a Silent generator so projects can continue to operate effectively 24hours a day, without causing upset to local residents.In addition, as a dealer of Atlas Copco, we also provide the range of excellent Lighting Towers, available as either portable or static models, with or without LED lighting.


And wherever you build, you'll be backed by our power generators and lighting tower, giving you access to the parts, service, and support you need. Take on any project with the power to take on its demands.


Purchasing diesel generator sets from Hiersun Power make everything easier and transparent.


-          Send photos to customers once engine and alternator in stock.  We take 4 sides photos to customer of each engine and alternator, nameplate showing every detailed of the engine and Alternator like manufacturing date, serial number, model name, CPL, power voltage frequency and so on.


-          Inform customer the assembly date, make sure it catches the delivery time of the contract.

-          Showing the photos after assembly and send the finished generator set photos.

200kw diesel generator

-          Taking video of testing and send the testing report to customer based upon both parties agreed test procedure.

You always find us available and patiently during follow up the order.

Hiersun export team is pleased to serve of you.




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