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Diesel Generator Operation Manual GENERAL MAINTENANCE Part 2 General

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Diesel Generator Operation Manual GENERAL MAINTENANCE Part 2



The maintenance procedures covered in this manual are intended for Operator-level service only and must be performed at whichever interval occurs first. At each scheduled maintenance interval, perform all previous maintenance checks that are due for scheduled maintenance.

Table 1 covers the recommended service intervals for a generator set on Standby service. If the generator set will be subjected to Prime usage or extreme operating conditions, the service intervals should be reduced accordingly. Consult your authorised distributor.

Some of the factors that can affect the maintenance schedule are:

Use for continuous duty (prime power)

Extremes in ambient temperature

Exposure to elements

Exposure to salt water

Exposure to windblown dust or sand.

Consult with an authorised distributor if the generator set will be subjected to any extreme operating conditions and determine a suitable schedule of maintenance. Use the running time meter to keep an accurate log of all service performed for warranty support. Perform all service at the time period indicated, or after the number of operating hours indicated, whichever comes first.


Use Table 1 to determine the maintenance required and then refer to the sections that follow for the correct service procedures.

Refer also to the Operator’s engine manual supplied with the generator set.

Table 4Periodic Maintenance Schedule



Daily or after 8


Weekly or after 50

Hours 7

Monthly or after 100


3 Months or after

250   Hours

5, 7

Perform maintenance tasks   as specified using Daily or Hourly periods

– whichever is the sooner



Fuel tank level

Fuel lines and hoses


Bedframe fluid   containment (where fitted), drain if necessary


Engine oil level



Coolant level   of radiator(s) (water jacket & LTA)


Coolant lines   and radiator hoses for wear and cracks


Cooling fan blades

All   exhaust components, and hardware (fittings, clamps, fasteners, etc.)


Drive belt, condition and   tension


Air cleaner   restriction indicator (where fitted)

Air intake system for   leaks

Electrical                                connections

(battery,   starter motor and alternator connections)


Safety controls and alarms

Operation of Emergency   Stop Button


Water from fuel pre-filter   (where fitted)



Radiator matrix


1 – Check for oil, fuel, coolant and exhaust system leaks. Check exhaust system audibly and visually with generator set running. (Refer to Sections 6.8 and 6.9).

2 – Visually check belt for evidence of wear or slippage. Replace if hard or brittle (to be undertaken by a Service Engineer).

3 – Drain one cup, or more, of fuel to remove water and sediment.

4 – Refer to Section 6.4 of this manual and to the Radiator Information Manual 0908-0107-00 supplied with this generator set.

5 – To be undertaken by a Service Engineer. Please refer to your Authorised Distributor.

6 – Engine oil and filter must be replaced after the initial running-in period of 50 hours. Please refer to your authorised distributor.

7 – All maintenance checks and inspections listed at lesser maintenance intervals must also be carried out at this time.

8 – For generator sets with QSB7 engines refer to Engine Operators manual for that model.




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