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400 Series Perkins Engine 404D-22T IOPU 44.7 kW / 59.9 hp

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The Perkins 400D range has been developed in consultation with our marketplace. This 2.2 litre, 4 cylinder, turbocharged engine complete with radiator cooled unit, compliments the exciting 400 Series product line-up, offering customers a choice of ultra-compact, lightweight power units whilst maintaining all the customer benefits they can experience from other products in the range. 

The 400 Series engine family continues to set new standards in the compact engine market. Developed alongside customers to fulfil their needs in the construction, materials handling, agricultural/turf, genset and compressor markets, it is another class-leading diesel range from Perkins. Perkins IOPUs offer the advantages of an industrial engine, with the convenience of a cost effective cooling and filtration solution. This minimises machine development time and costs, and enables applications to be powered with ease. The 404D-22T IOPU is a powerful but quiet 2.2 litre packaged unit. It delivers impressive performance with low operating costs in a small, efficient package ideal for a range of industrial applications.

Perkins 404D22T IOPU

Features and benefits

Ultra-compact power

  • Up to 44.7 kW (59.9 bhp) from an engine envelope of 0.56 m3 (19.8 ft3)

  • Easy installation

Clean and quiet

  • Noise levels have been kept to a minimum

  • Subjective harshness has been carefully controlled making the engine sound even quieter

Durable power

  • odPurct design and process improvements enhance both engine reliability and durability

  • A new improved (advanced) governor, valve seat inserts, and new compliance testing deliver reliability of 6,000 hours

  • A standard two-year warranty demonstrates our confidence in durability and reliability of our engines

Low operating costs

  • ovAepdpfor r operation on biodiesel* concentrations of up to 20%

  • Oil and filter changes are 500 hours, dependent on load factor

  • Engine durability and reliability, the warranty offering, and ease of installation combine to drive down the cost of ownership

  • Warranties and Service Contracts

*Subject to conformance with ASTM D6751 and EN14214

Technical information

  • Cast iron engine block

  • SAE flywheel size 190.5 mm (7½ in)

  • SAE 4 flywheel housing

  • Fuel injection pump

  • Fuel filter

  • Glow plug starting aid

  • Lub oil sump

  • Spin on lub oil filter

  • Inlet manifold

  • Cast iron exhaust manifold – side outlet

  • Coolant pump belt driven

  • Mounted radiator and fan

  • Mounted air cleaner

  • Starter motor 12 volt

  • Alternator 12 volt 65 amp

  • ESOS (Electric shut-off solenoid)

  • Lub oil pressure switch

  • Coolant temperature switch

Option groups

A selection of optional items is available to enable you to prepare a specification precisely matched to your needs.




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